Thursday, 1 May 2014

Royal Square, St Helier

Royal Square was the scene of the Battle of Jersey in 1781. Visit theislandwiki for more details about the battle.

In the Royal Square stands the gilded statue of King George II. It was erected in 1751, in what had been for many years the Market Square. The Square was renamed Royal Square in honour of the King (and the statue) and in gratitude for his contribution towards building the harbour.

This view of the square in 1825 is taken from a gallery of images on the excellent and informative site theislandwiki.

A contribution to the City Daily Photo theme Squares.


William Kendall said...

An exceptional square. The statue is a welcome presence.

Hilda said...

As always, I am in awe at the history of the place.

Valladolid Daily Photo said...

Interesting choice for this theme day. Really like it!

LOLfromPasa said...

Very nice...looks a super place to visit!

Jack said...

Very attractive and classical.