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Looking out towards France

Looking out from the foreshore at St Catherine's the coast of France is visible on the horizon. In between can just be seen Les Écréhous , a groups of islands and rocks situated six miles off Jersey and eight miles off France. They form part of the Bailiwick of Jersey and are administratively part of the Parish of St Martin. All but the three largest are submerged at high tide. There are no permanent residents on the islands and there is no fresh water there. Due to erosion, they are now much smaller than they may have been within historic times. Maîtr'Île is the largest of the islets and measures approximately 300 metres in length. There are a small number of fishermen's huts, some used as holiday residences, on the largest islets, and one official building, a customs house, on La Marmotchié.

For more information see Les Écréhous: a Toponymy.

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