Thursday, 11 February 2016

Site of Special Interest

The notice at Les Landes reads:

of Jersey

Les Landes
Site of special Interest

This Heathland has been designated as a Site of special interest under Article 9 of the States of Jersey (Planning) Law 1967 (As amended) to protect and preserve its outstanding natural beauty, wildlife and its geological and archaeological heritage
To ensure that this sensitive area is conserved for the future, please respect the wildlife and observe the following;
For your own safety. please beware of sudden drops, quarries, cliff edges, bunker entrances
Please keep to the footpaths
Considerate pedestrians only
No Bicycles
No horses except on designated Bridal Paths
No motor vehicles
Do ensure that all dog faeces are removed to the bins provided
Do not disturb, pick, uproot, remove or in any way harm the plants and animals
Fire risk - Lighting of fires including BBQ's is forbidden
Please take all your rubbish home and leave the area as you found it so that others may also enjoy their visit


I particularly like the phrase "Considerate pedestrians only" but am disappointed by the unnecessary apostrophe in BBQs and the mis-spelling horror of bridal for bridle.

A contribution to signs, signs.