Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Command Bunker at Noirmont Point

Here we see the top of an underground German Command Bunker which extends to a depth of 40ft on two floors. It was the Command Post (Leitstand) for the naval coastal artillery battery Lothringen located here.

One of four built to a similar design in the Channel Islands, the bunker was surmounted by a range-finder and two periscopes to determine the direction and speed of sea targets. Sealed up for safety reasons shortly after the war, the bunker escaped the scrap-drive of the early 1950s, with the result that it is the only example of its type in the Islands to retain the impressive 7 inch-thick armoured cupolas. The bunker has been restored to a very high standard and provides a unique insight into the sheer scale and thoroughness of German military engineering.

See the Channel Islands Occupation Society website for more details.

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Lea said...

Interesting bit of history, and you got in several "C" words!
Hope you day is going well for you!
Lea's Menagerie

Taken For Granted said...

It is good that this history has been preserved, but it was a terrible time for the whole world. We should not forget the lessons of the mid-20th Century.

Roger Owen Green said...

interesting angle - see the defensive possibilities
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Leslie: said...

I've always wanted to visit the Channel Islands. One day, I hope! This is a great photo!

abcw team